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This information site began in 2006 and we hope that it will continue to grow as a useful directory of Organisations, Groves and People involved in Druidry in the 32 counties of Ireland.

Please see the events page for details of what is going on in your area. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ORGANISE EVENTS, OFFER TUITION OR RUN AN ORDER/GROVE.
If you wish to submit information regarding a Druidic group or event simply email us (as detailed on join page), it's a free service and we will do our best to add any new info within 2 weeks of receipt.

This website has no affiliations to any Druid organisation and will remain completely impartial. The links, articles etc are there as an aid to those insterested in Druidry/Druidism and do not reflect the views of the administrators. This site is financed by advertising banners and donations, please email us if to wish to advertise or donate. You can also donate below via PayPal.

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Bail ó imbas ort
(blessings of illumination on you)


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