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Celebrancy/Rites Of Passage

Pagan Life Rites
Pagan rites of passage and celebrancy provided for the 32 counties of Ireland

Pagan Federation Ireland
Exists as a resource for the pagan people of Ireland. Offers legal celebrancy and other rites of passage

Celtic Druid Temple
Druidic organisation offering celebrancy and rites of passage, based in Roscommon

Celtic Culture

Manuscript resource of Irish druidic documents and druidic/shamanic info

Craobh Crua
Craobh Crua is dedicated to the preservation of Gaelic culture in Ireland, the re-education of pre-christian philosophy, religion and spirituality, the preservation of native traditions and the protection of the Gaelic way of life

The Celtic League
The Celtic League is an inter-celtic organisation that campaigns for the social, political and cultural rights of the Celtic nations

Druid Network
The aim of The Druid Network is to be a source of information and inspiration about the modern Druid tradition, Druidic practice and the history of Druidry

The Foundation for Engaged Druidism (FfED)
The Foundation for Engaged Druidism (FfED) is dedicated to the cultivation of practice, community, and service in and amongst its members. A repository of druid knowledge that also provides courses making use of the soul journey – Anam Turas.

Discover Druidry
Information and resource website for druidry worldwide

Féile Draíochta
Ireland's Independent National Pagan Event, run by and for the Irish Pagan Community as a whole

Druids Utterance
Compendium of articles and info for web based learning

American website to promote the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples

Set up in 2002 to promote the exploration of Native Celtic spiritual practices and skills. Publishes Immrama magazine quarterly

Useful directory of megalithc sites in Ireland

Merlin's Wisdom
A series of training workshops and information exploring the path revealed by the myths of Welsh Merlin/Merdynn

Mythical Ireland
An exploration of the Irish Stone Age sites of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Loughcrew, Hill of Tara, Fourknocks and others in the context of astronomy, art, mythology, archaeology and photography.

Summerlands Public Library
Useful articles mainly drawing from the Irish druidic tradition.

Tuatha de Brighid
International druid organisation.

Pan-Galician Druidic Fellowship (Irmandade Druídica Galaica)
Religious association for those that follow the Galician Druidic tradition.

Celtic Literature (Sagas etc)

An Chartan
Extensive English language library of Irish mythology (mainly in English)

Celtic Documents
UCC's vast archive of Irish texts in Irish and English

Large amount of source texts of Irish and pan-Celtic mythology

Tales of Celtic Ireland (Éire)
Large amount of Irish and pan-Celtic mythology (in English)

Celtic Literature of Wales (Cymru)
Reading list of core Celtic mythology and poetry etc from Wales


Irquas - Insight
What We Really Know About... Druids

The Celts
In-depth article on the ancient Celts, their history and culture

Wikipedia - The Celts
Huge volume of well researched and verified info exists here

Holy & Magical
Piece on the significance of trees in Irish culture

A definition for a Gaelic Pagan
A succinct modern definition of what celtic paganism is about

Irish Language Resources

Irish Dictionary On-line
English- Irish and Irish-English with handy usage tips

Foclóir Béarla-Gaeilge
English - Irish on-line dictionary

Gaelic Lessons On-Line
Helpful database of lessons and info

Irish Gaelic learners' material on the Internet
A handy compendium of Irish lessons/vocab etc

Turas Teanga
RTE's learning Irish programme available as a book and DVD

General Irish
Glossary of common and useful Irish terms

Environmental Issues

Eco Burials
Co. Wexford has the country's first natural, non-denominational cemetary.

10 steps
10 easy ways to help the environment

Friends of the Irish Environment
Network created by conservationists in Ireland in order to monitor the full implementation of European environmental law and promote awareness

Irish public information service on environmental issues

Crann - glor ar son na gcrann (giving trees a voice)
Ireland's leading tree charity dedicated to protecting our heritage of trees, hedgerows and woodlands

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