This listing is for all 32 counties. Titles underlined are links to websites:

Dark Moon Grove - ritual of Protection (monthly) (Co. Meath)
The "Ritual of Protection" for and on Tara is held on the Full Moon of every month (see dates here). We will start our sacred fire by 8ish and finish by ten. Dress in layers and meet on the gravel patch beside the Rath of the Synods at 8pm. We will use our native Celtic Irish language during this ceremony with explanations in English. All are welcome to attend this free and open ritual ceremony on and for Tara.

FOI/DCD Equinox Celebration (Co. Carlow)
One of the 8 festival pagan gatherings at Clonegal Castle 11am sat 23rd March for FOI members and guests (those interested contact please FOI by email, exact details supplied on invitation. FOI embraces paganism in general and contains a considerable number of druid attendees including from its own Druid Clan of Dana. Please contact FOI if you wish to attend

Solas An Iarthair Equinox Celebration (Co. Kerry)
Open ceremony on the Dingle peninsula at Inch beach, Sat 23rd March at 2.30pm.

Killkenny Druidry Cónocht an Earraigh Celebration  (Co. Kilkenny)
Ritual at the Old Rectory, Three Castles on Sunday 17th March, 3.30pm. This will be followed by a feast, (bring some food or drink to share) and Cúirt na hOíche (Night Court) poetry, storytelling ,song, music, etc. Contact Kilkenny Druidry College for invite and full details.

Celtic Druid Temple Errach Celebration  (Co. Roscommon)
Sunday 17th March, 12.30pm Temple Crom, please contact Druidschool or Celtic Druid Temple for full details.

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