Lora O'Brien (Co. Waterford)
Practising Draoí, teacher, author and PLR celebrant. Contact: loraob@gmail.com Web: www.loraobrien.ie

Eimear Burke (Co. Kilkenny)
Eimear Burke is a member of OBOD and of an Cuallacht De Danaan (Kilkenny), Celebrant of Pagan Federation Ireland. She is a priestess of Danú within the Fellowship of Isis. Eimear is a counselling psychologist in private practice. She is also a reiki master, shamanic therapist & herbalist. Contact: eimearbindigo@gmail.com

Pól Ó Corcráin (Co. Kerry)
Member of OBOD and celebrant. Interests in: Non-violent Communication, Facilitation, Integral, Trees, Permaculture, Creativity, Meditation, Health and Wellness.
Web: http://thinkingbarefoot.wordpress.com

Cezary "Czeski" Czyzewski (Co. Galway)
OBOD member. I'm Polish, but I live in Ireland. I think, that best way to find wisdom is to seek it at source. And the sources of Druidry are both Ireland and Britain, so I'm here.
Contact: czeski@druidry.org

Pat Dillane (Co.Waterford)
Shamanic practitioner of Cottage Retreat in Waterford
Contact : patdillane@msn.com
or 087 2282490
Dr. James Dwyer (Co. Mayo)
Residing in Killasser, Co. Mayo, he is doctor of medicine and druid.
Contact: druidwise@eircom.net

Luke Eastwood (Co. Kerry)
Member of Solas an Iarthair in Kerry and also a member of OBOD, PF Ireland, PLR (celebrant), and Druid Clan of Dana. Particular interests: mythology, trees and environmental issues. Contact: info@lukeeastwood.com website: www.lukeeastwood.com
Sean Ó Gaoithín (Co. Donegal)
I would describe myself as a hedge druid since I was a child always had a deep connection with and respect for nature I am an organic gardener with keen interest in growing native trees, bio-dynamics, wild plants as our medicine.... I practice Gaia Touch Dialogue with landscape angels and nature spirits I am a follower of the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn Member of OBOD My journey is about Cultural Memory Recovery - in search of authentic indigenous spirituality. We are all one, one people, one humanity. One with all biodiversity. Live on the coast near Falcarragh. Co Donegal my email is sogaoithin@eircom.net and I am on facebook.
Bearnairdin Ní Goíbhniu (Co. Roscommon)
Affiliated with Ireland's Druidschool. Contact: lhoavalon1@eircom.net or www.littlehouseofavalon.com
John Hancock (Belfast)
I am a member of the New Order of Druids and have recently just begun my journey on the Druids Path. I instruct in Bushcraft and have an interest in Herbology and Shamanism albeit both in the early stages.
Rebekah McGrath (Co. Derry/Londonderry)
Member of OBOD, only recently started my Druid path. Very animistic, very interested in herbalism and divination. Contact: LittleBotanicals@hotmail.co.uk
Johannes and Karen Tetteroo (Co. Kerry)
Johannes and Karen have been active OBOD members for more then 15 years, and are initiated in the Druid grade. Both are experienced celebrants for rites of passage and handfastings as well as ritual/healing drummers. On their farmland the 8 festivals are celebrated. Visitors are welcome to join. Annagh More is host to meditative and inspirational retreats for individuals and small groups. Contact: tel: 089 462  2115 mail: info@annagh-more.com

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